ThatWasThen and The New Peter Gabrielz | The Viper Room, LA | Music Photography

ThatWasThen was furiously rocking as I walked up the stairs at The Viper Room and I was stoked to hear loud genuine rock fill the room. ThatWasThen’s dirty guitars and soulful harmony provide an earnest fusion of modern and vintage rock in an electric live show. … Continue reading

Duke’s Band, Supermajor & The Lobbyists | Gibson Showroom | CovingtonRock

Gibson Showroom NYC played host to a musical extravaganza this past saturday night with beverages provided by Konig Ludwig beer & El Arco tequila when it let Duke’s Band, Supermajor & The Lobbyist take over a few of the former Hit Factory studios.  The three bands are all “show bands” as they were each born via some sort of theatrical experience.  Duke’s Band from ‘Very Very’, a new Shakespeare Rock Show, Supermajor sprung out of the Brick Theatre and The Lobbyists used to play, literally, the lobby at the Flea Theatre.

The night started with The Lobbyists, a folky indie band with a splash of country backed by beautiful harmonies and creative songwriting.  They had me tapping my foot along as soon as I walked in the door.  They are feel good music, music that warms the heart.

Supermajor amped up the crowd with their pop/alt/rock sound. They have a contagious energy, amazing vocals and an almost comedic while rocking vibe.  They also have a gal who rocks a red keytar, which is always awesome.

Duke’s Band ended the night with its repertoire of songs from Very Very (the Shakespearean Rock Show) along with original music from Jay Leibowitz’s Pedestrian Life and new music from Zac Lasher.  They closed the evening with their theatrical style of rock.  Hard drums and fast guitars with catchy songs that are still running through my head.

Duke’s Band

The Lobbyist


Lady Boi | Drom | 3/29/13 | Covington Rock

I love it when an artist that I have never seen before just blows me away.  That is what happened on 3/29 at Drom when I got to see Lady Boi perform.  The music took me back to my happy place with music.  Upbeat, catchy hooks that reminded me of the sounds of Madonna, Culture Club with a dash of Prince and the soulfulness of George Michael.  I was caught between making photos and just closing my eyes and dancing.   Ladyboi is an engaging front man backed by Jeff Bernett, guitar/vocals and Marty O’Kane, guitar/vocals, together they will grab your attention with the first look and have you hooked by the first note.  At the 3/29 show at Drom they invited the rapper, Notar to join them for a song.

Lady Boi –

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People’s Blues of Richmond | Live Music | CovingtonRock

People’s Blues of Richmond rocked their way to NYC to master their new album “Good Time Suicide” with Dan Miller at Engine Room Audio.  Dan, who has a Gold record for Trey Songz’s “Heart Attack”, along with his assistant Nate Osborne, put the final touches on PBR’s album and then let the boys loose on the streets of Manhattan where they took Pianos by storm with their electrifyingly ruthless sound.

PBR plays straight up vintage rock and roll.  Their sound is raw and real.  A PBR show gives me a glimpse of what it must have been like to be at a Cream or Hendrix show.  Tim Beavers II, vocals & guitar; Matthew Volkes, bass; Nikoro Williams, drums; and Tommy Booker, keys, took the Pianos crowd on a psychedelic bluesy rock and roll trip.

People’s Blues of Richmond

The Lonely Teardrops | Banditos | Covington Rock

I love when my path in life brings me to great music, truth be told, I plan my path based on good music.  A Sunday night in Richmond, VA found my path headed to Banditos to catch The Lonely Teardrops set.  “The Lonely Teardrops are a LOW-Fi BIG SOUND combo heavily steeped in early 1960’s Mod-era Girl Garage Groups, Soul, Blues, and Surf Music.”   They rock.  Katie, singer guitar, and Crash, drums, are a bad ass two person rampaging machine.   They take control of the room and don’t ever let go.






IMG_0074-LonelyTeardrops-Banditos-SocialMedia IMG_0046-LonelyTeardrops-Banditos-SocialMedia

IMG_0043-LonelyTeardrops-Banditos-SocialMedia IMG_0028-LonelyTeardrops-Banditos-SocialMedia




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Von Shakes | XPO

Von Shakes at XPO in Bushwick was certainly a visually amazing experience, due in large part to an enthusiastic dancer that first wanted the lead singer but then switched her gaze to the “drummer with the fabulous hair.”    I was pretty blown away by the dance moves that I saw that night as I think most everyone in attendance was.  I’ll admit to not paying too much attention to the boys that night (sorry guys) but there was just so much happening on the dance floor!!   It was brilliant.

The guys rocked it, they always do.  Seriously.. If you haven’t seen a VS show, make it a priority in your life to change that as soon as possible.  Their punky rock sound always gets the crowd dancing..though usually in a less jarring, convulsing way than the dancing was on this particular night.  They will get you up and rocking.  This is the band to watch out for if you want to see a band before they are all big and famous.

They will be at Arlene’s Grocery this coming Sat night at 11pm.  See y’all there!

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Jackass Flats | The Camel

Jackass Flats!  What can I say about this band?  I freakin’ LOVE them.  I mean, come on!  How can you not?  A bluegrassy cover of Head Like a Hole.  Yes, please!  More, please!
This show was particularly exciting for me because it was a reunion with my best friend, Scott Lewis, who rejoined the band for the night.  Scott has been touring around the country with Big Daddy Love and it was so exciting to see him play again.

For those not yet in the know about Jackass Flats, it is a rip roaring, hard edge bluegrass type of thing.  Banjo, fiddle, upright bass, pedal steel, keys, drums and a few guitars make their sound a bit rockabilly, a bit bluegrass, a bit country & western and all around awesome.

20121226-JAF-Camel350-SocialMedia 20121226-JAF-Camel453-SocialMedia 20121226-JAF-Camel307-SocialMedia 20121226-JAF-Camel479-SocialMedia 20121226-JAF-Camel338-SocialMedia 20121226-JAF-Camel363-SocialMedia 20121226-JAF-Camel346-SocialMedia 20121226-JAF-Camel386-SocialMedia-2 20121226-JAF-Camel500-SocialMedia 20121226-JAF-Camel259-SocialMedia 20121226-JAF-Camel548-SocialMedia

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