Ireland w/the Young Dubliners | Covington Portraits


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Ireland with the Young Dubliners

WoW! What a amazing trip. Ireland is amazing, the Dubs are incredible and everyone on the trip ROCKED! I’d like to rewind a week and do it all again.
The guys played 4 shows… and right now my brain isn’t working to figure out the names of the venues…

show 1

next day was a stroll around dublin
checked out trinity college

dublin has really happy mannequins

then we were on a bus to the countryside…

and then back on the bus


dubs show in waterford

then there was a bus and a dinner and a bus

and then the show that felt like we were at a wedding reception – it was awesome. best musical guest for a wedding ever!

the venue…see why we called it the wedding show

photo by bren

then more bus and stops to see pretty ireland

bus and towns and bus and the last SHOW

and then one more castle..

and time to go home. tired. hence the shortened blog…