Scott Land The Puppet Man in LA


Team America wins on many levels, and the sex scene is one of the best in any movie!

Lots of things happen with ‘movie magic,’ they can pretty much do anything in post nowadays, but that movie magic happened because of sheer awesome talent. See, those are marionettes worked by the fabulous Scott Land. He manipulated every nuance of that loving and I was in awe of him before I had the pleasure of knowing him.

Fast forward a lot of years and I was introduced to him through a mutual friend and then I found myself crouching in the wings of a theater making images of him working his magic on Michael Jackson, Obama and (my favorite) a chicken.  Yes, a chicken, a regular grocery store chicken!!! Scott said the chickens always move better on the 3rd day but that they get pretty stinky by the fourth. Scott and his wife, Lisa, are one heck of a talented team (and awesome people) – they make and paint the puppets that are used for his shows and by lots of other puppeteers around the world. Their work is incredible – Scott Land Marionettes!!

The show was mindblowing.  Seriously, how does he do all that. Not only do the puppets move with intention and grace, they have the right expression for each of the moves. Michael Jackson feels it when he goes down on one knee and Obama gives a knowing glance at the audience and you don’t feel like you are looking at puppets anymore. Magic.

If you ever get the opportunity to experience Scott Land’s show, I highly recommend you take it. You will be blown away!!!


Big Daddy Love’s NYC debut at Sullivan Hall 9/13/12

One of my favorite things about constantly running all over the place is crossing paths with all the awesome people I adore.  I don’t get to see my friends often but I always know when our paths cross – the world rocks, so needless to say, I was really excited when my best friend gave me the news that Big Daddy Love (go LIKE them here) was going to be leaving their mark on Manhattan.  He joined the band and moved to North Carolina last spring and has been cruising all around the country ever since, playing festivals in Colorodo and opening for Willie Nelson, ya know, just regular stuff like that  🙂
I finally got my chance to see them play mid summer at some hella hella, oh jhc, hella hot  ‘On The Rise’ Festival somewhere in the middle of nowhere PA.  Gorgeous site for a festival though – hope it becomes a thing.   Now the boys were gonna bring their Bluegrass Infused Appalachian Rock to Manhattan.  *clap* *clap*
The Rock Gods were smiling as they found a place to park their huge van and trailer right across from Sullivan Hall.  No small feat for the streets of nYc.   and since they were playing at Sullivan Hall, I had to take Scottie to The Peanut Butter Factory.  YUM. This is his “OHMYGAWD Peanut Butter Heaven!” face.   

and then it was time for the show.  The guys filled the room with their energy, talent and love for the music they are creating.  My bottom half was dancing around while the top half of me tried to stay still long enough to make a photo.   I just want to boogie across the room at their energetic shows.  They have the feel of a different era, a good home grown rocking sound from back when music was good and real and fucking solid.

Come back soon y’all!
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Nitelite with Anne Stein

Always fun to turn the lights off and have a photo shoot.

Marc Rizzo visits THOR (Tomato’s House of Rock)


Got a last minute text talking of awesomeness happening down at THOR on friday afternoon, luckily the awesome was happening a few hours later so plenty of time to finish my Roberta’s pizza yum and get in town to the Music Building on 8th Ave where a major THOR jam was already underway.  Walked into the studio to see members of Shitkill shredding away with metal guitarist, Marc Rizzo (Soulfly & Cavalera Conspiracy) and bassist, Derrick Klybash.

For about 2 hours the THOR musicians rocked out with Marc & Derrick in between chats about life on the road, music schools, guitars, coffee and how practicing isn’t work if you love something and following your dreams (along w/lots of practicing) can take you in directions you never would have imagined.

Some of the bands that have grown out of the THOR program got to perform their original material for the guys turning the studio into a mosh pit of sweaty smiles. I don’t think anyone wanted to stop jamming.

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Born Loose 5/11/11 Southpaw

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