Sunsets in Bushwick

I love a good sunset when I am in the middle of nowhere but the cities can surprise you.  Brooklyn sunsets are glorious.  Whenever I would glance up and see this in the apartment building next door, I knew to grab my camera and run to the roof.

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a Sunset drive through the Virginia Countryside | Covington Portraits

I love when I see an amazing sunset in my rear view mirror and have nowhere to be!  It is even better when my camera is sitting next to me!!!  I do dislike the cold of winters but the sunsets that they brings are so beautiful.  I’ve almost forgotten now, how cold it was that particular dusk during these warm beautiful days…  .  & I really, really, really want to forget how cold it is going to get in a few more days.  Oh, Polar Vortex, you Hollywood sounding winter evil, please be quick and merciful to us on the East Coast and at least bring more skies like these.  Thank you!

❤ what you do.

a Brooklyn Sunset

I love my Brooklyn home.  I love the weather that surrounds my LA home and the crickets and frog outside my VA home but wow, how I love the sunsets outside of my Brooklyn home.  They just blow me away.  This sunset happened upon me suddenly.  I was inside working and all of a sudden the whole room was flooded with this gorgeous orange light.  I shot the below image through the window looking out.  Grateful for this view.